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Whirlwind Weekends

It has been a bit busy round these parts of late. Which is why, with all the best intentions, I have only had time to post once since I began. Oh  -   I had such plans for writing, but with festival season in full swing now -  I shall have to grab the time where I can.

We have now got the first camping event under our belts where we discovered that it can be chuffing cold at night in May. So cold that you cannot sleep. That, just as you think you're asleep, the dawn chorus reminds you that you are not and that your eyes are merely shut and you are pretending to be asleep. 
As you lay there thinking "WHY AM I HERE?? I am soooooooo cold -  I need to go back into an office where things are warm and comfortable" -  the sun peaks over the trees and starts to warm your canvas tent (that still smells like the 1970s -  with a colour pallete to match) -  you are lulled to actual sleep for a few hours by a gentle heat and the beauty of bird song. And you remember that this is a life…

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